Direct mail lives! In fact, it thrives. For years, rumors of its demise have been exaggerated. It’s true that overall mail volume has slowly decreased 1.67% annually on average over the past decade but convenience options like online bill pay are seen as the likely culprit. When it comes to reaching consumers in a meaningful way, direct mail remains the most reliable form of marketing out there.

The (Not So) Scary Facts About Direct Mail

The average person receives 600 emails per week, compared to 16.5 pieces of mail. Every email lives for about 17 seconds while the life span of a direct mail piece is 17 days. But what about the costs? The ROI for direct mail sits at 29%. The enticingly high email ROI may lure marketing dollars at 123% but in order to achieve that target an email needs to be seen and opened. Would you rather fight to get someone’s attention as 1 of 16 pieces of mail delivered to their door or 1 of 600 emails delivered to their inbox?

Direct Mail’s Secret Weapon

Direct mail possesses a secret weapon that sets it apart from other marketing channels. People trust it more. In a recent study, 76% of participants said they trusted printed advertising received in the mail versus 43% for social media advertising. This is especially important in today’s chaotic age of “fake news” and political mudslinging that has people tuning out of digital channels. Young people are reporting they use social media less frequently and many are leaving larger platforms all together.

Direct Mail Super Fans

Millennials loves mail. The USPS reports that 84% of millennials take the time to look through their mail. Another 62 percent said they had visited a store because of a direct mail piece they received. Why is this important? It’s estimated that in 2020 Millennials possess 2.5 Trillion dollars in spending power. Groceries, restaurants, personal care items and services, automotive, clothing and accessories were among the highest segments where Millennials are anticipated to spend their money.

Harness the Power of Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing may deliver volume and frequency, but nothing beats the tangible, hands-on experience of direct mail. However, savvy marketers know combining direct mail and digital marketing can lead to captivating results. Creating landing pages for direct mail campaigns can assist with tracking ROI and capture more information about consumer preferences. Following up direct mail campaigns with email reminders about the offer or by adding an extra 10% to a coupon to nudge the recipient over the finish line to make a purchase. Don’t forget to style all mail and digital campaign designs cohesively so recipients will recall and relate them for greater brand awareness.

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Direct Mail Thrives