At Lawton, we’re often asked, “What’s hot right now?” when it comes to print trends. Just like Thigh Masters and Beanie Babies, not all trends are worthy of investment. There are a lot of great ideas floating around right now but here are few things that we think are worth trying.

Fight digital stress with simplistic designs

Not all print trends have to bang the gong to get someone’s attention. Digital fatigue is a threat to the U.S. workforce more than ever in 2021. To combat this, designers are turning down the dial on otherwise busy creative in favor of more simple approaches. Streamlined looks, subtle palettes, and organic styles appeal to overworked, screen strained eyes.

Focus on sustainability

Climate change and environmental impact are some of the top issues concerning consumers. In an early 2020 study, nearly 70% of consumers polled thought it was important that a brand be sustainable or eco-friendly. Your marketing is an easy way to show your sustainability practices. Use recycled paper in your print practices. Print smarter with short run digital print processes that allow you to target specific audiences rather than blanket large generic lists.

Don’t be afraid to be real

You may have heard the word influencer buzzed about in marketing circles of late. The idea that real people have the ability to win over the masses is an effective marketing tool. There is no need to hire a reality tv star to rep your brand to tap into the concept of realness. Authenticity has been used by brands like Dove, Aerie, and Spotify to great success. Consumers relate to brands that use images and data from real people.

Bridge the gap between virtual and print

Create an interactive experience for your customers with QR codes and augmented reality(AR). Utilize QR codes to drive customers to contests, surveys, landing pages, user manuals, and promotions. Go one step further with dynamic interactive content through augmented reality. You don’t have to spend a fortune on creative. There are several low-cost options for integrating augmented reality into your next direct mail campaign.

If you’re ready to tackle these print trends but not sure where to start, let Lawton show you the way. Our team of print experts is ready to help!