Creative Risk

In this blog series, we will explore components needed to craft a bold marketing strategy.

Want to master bold marketing? Strive to be different and get comfortable taking risks. If your competition is quirky and fun, use data and science to explain why your product is better. Especially if your market research has shown you that the science matters to your target audience more than a “we’re the fun guys” approach.

If your competition is intimidating, be approachable. Remember the “I’m a Mac” versus “I’m a PC”? Apple did alright with an approachable message. Apple took the time to understand that their customer base needed an easy, approachable personal computer. Those customers didn’t want to hear about every whiz-bang feature of the machine – they wanted something they could start using right out of the box. Research, great understanding of the target audience, genius creative – what a magical combination!

Humor is likely the biggest risk to take in your creative, but if it’s on point what a great payoff! In the midst of a rough 2020 (yeah, that might be an understatement),’s Satan meets 2020 commercial was a highlight. Timely, so “right-yet-wrong-that-you-have-to-laugh”, and on point with the target audience; this was a bright spot in the year!

No one remembers (or cares about) generic, blah messaging. You’ve likely seen up to 30,000 marketing messages today. How many of those even latched onto your brain in any way? Why not be bold? Take risks. Do something different.

Lawton has the expertise (sprinkled with some awesome creative energy) to take your marketing to the next level. Whether you want your fearless design to be produced perfectly or you’re looking for help developing bold creative, we’re your resource to help.

You’re here to be awesome! We’re here to help. Let’s be bold!